El Reptil Coffee & Shirt Bundle
El Reptil Coffee & Shirt Bundle

El Reptil Coffee & Shirt Bundle

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Apollo Media was formed in 2020 by a small group of friends from Houston with a passion for all things Houston Sports.

We've grown as a team to bring quality content, blogs, podcasts, merch - and now quality coffee - to all of Houston.

Partnering with SpindleTap Coffee Co., we bring you our Cold Blooded Hot Coffee to show the quality we stand for and honor Cristian Javier "El Reptil" in the process.

This blend of natural process coffees from South and Central America offers aromas of silky milk chocolate, subtle nuttiness, and soft fruit that carry through to the palate with strong chocolate and peanut presence. The body is smooth and long-lasting and a subtle dried fruit undertone brings a pleasant sweetness from the start through the finish.


This bundle includes 1 Shirt & 1 12-OZ Bag of a special blend of ground coffee made from scratch by spindletapcoffee.com

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